Tina Wendon

Portrait Gallery

email: info@tinawendon.com
phone: 603-504-4703
website: www.tinawendon.com

7 Responses to “Portrait Gallery” »

  1. Paul Grubb Says:

    Love the site…and your work! You are amazing!!

  2. Susan Perla Says:

    wow, just beautiful work, I love the use of colors and light

  3. Jessica Gustafson Says:

    A stunning likeness of Kate, but a quibble… I think she is even more beautiful in real life 🙂 I wish my parents could immortalize me the way you have Kate!

  4. Katie Harrod Says:

    Just found your site today after chatting to Linny – really beautiful paintings Tina. S&Kx

  5. Sonj Scott Says:

    Your ability to capture the personality of the sitter is extraordinary, especially the children, and I love your use of light. Kate has grown into a truly beautiful woman. Are the other children neices and nephews? Loved the rather distinguished elderly gentleman in the hat and scarf. Must have been a real looker in his youth! You are exceptionally talented Tina. Just keep on keeping on!

  6. Lee Says:

    Love this one so much. Come visit again soon, I had such a wonderful time with you at dinner a few weeks ago!

  7. Vindula Says:

    wow..amazing ability… 🙂