Tina Wendon

Students’ Work


Jade loves to draw but she is new to painting. We created some random, colorful, canvas tiles and settled down with a bowl of strawberries. She selected a single strawberry, picked up her brush and painted what she saw, focusing on shapes, contrasts and light to create volume and depth. She took a bite and painted another picture. With one more bite and one more painting her short Strawberry Story was almost at an end. She decided the final pieces would show just a few leaves, maybe a stalk. Jade has a plan for her next series; stark, black silhouettes on her colorful, textured grounds. Her own art story has just begun. Click images to expand.

“That was an incredible lesson! Great art, food and fun! After only two lessons I crown you the BEST art teacher EVER!!!”
—Jade Goree, Albany, CA

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