Tina Wendon


On the surface, my task is to create a painterly description of an individual, delineating contours, distinguishing details, discovering the tone and feel of a complexion and finding the light. My deeper endeavor is to evoke insight into and empathy with the subject, to intuit and capture the essence of a character and charge it with life while preserving likeness.

A portrait should be a place where aesthetic rendering provides a glimpse into the psyche,
where the surface and the soul are fused and revealed.

— Tina


Sometimes, I see better with my hands.
I know there is both more on my brush than I can see, and less.
I subtract from what I see, yet hope to capture something beyond my sight.

To paint is a privilege. So I paint, and I am grateful.

— Tina


SELF PORTRAIT, oil on linen, 48″ x 36″

email: tinawendon@gmail.com
phone: 603-504-4703
website: tinawendon.com