Tina Wendon

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I could use a thousand words to paint a picture of the pictures I paint, but they would tell you less than the work itself, because the paintings speak for themselves.

But, I do need words to tell you a few things about myself that my own portrait does not say. The facts of my life may be etched in lines across my face, but only to describe their effect, not their actuality or the circumstance.

I grew up in Cambridge, England, the cradle of culture. I was no blue-stocking or Einstein, but I loved to draw. As a teen, I would sit in village graveyards and sketch ancient church gargoyles, crumbling walls and weeds. Eventually, I drew my way into the Architectural Association in London and developed an appreciation for light, layout and structure. The anatomy of space and volume took me toward the human form. At Otis Parsons in Los Angeles, I fell in love with oil painting, overcame my fear of color and started to paint the figure. It wasn’t long before I discovered a gift for creating a likeness. When people asked me, I found myself telling them I was a portrait painter. I still say that, and although my range is broader now, I love to paint portraits.

When I paint, you know what you’re looking at. But, it’s not just a veneer, a surface with a facsimile image. I paint beneath the surface. I aim for the deeper stuff. The flavor, the feeling, the purpose, the point. Give me a portrait and I’ll paint the person, give me a mural or a landscape and I’ll paint the atmosphere, give me a still life and I’ll imbue it with relevance, familiarity and nostalgia. Give me a trompe l’oeil project and I’ll take you somewhere you’ve never been.

I paint from the heart. Every piece, every subject has my full attention.

I look forward to working with you.

— Tina

email: tinawendon@gmail.com
phone: 603-504-4703
website: tinawendon.com